Oustanding Teaching

If you are curious to know if I can help you with your singing, keep reading!

I have been learning the Art of Singing since I was in my early twenty's. That's over 25 years! 

During the course of  those years, I have encountered many methods and read many books, attended masterclasses and courses, and worked with a lot of singing teachers and vocal coaches from around the world. I am still taking classes on how to sing in the most natural, effortless, efficient and engaging way.

I don't write this to impress, but to assure you that for me working with someone's voice is a great honour and a huge responsibility. Too many people think that if you can sing you can also teach, but this is a great misconception: a lot of people don't know enough about how to really help someone overcome challenges, build a solid technique, achieve freedom, improve their coordination and ultimately find real joy in singing.

To be a great teacher, an efficient one, one can't rely on just a couple of ideas and exercises, but needs a great number of tools - exercises that tackle the problem at hand from different angles and bring about the desired result quickly and consistently.

This is what allows singing teachers to do their work properly.

This is what you can expect from having lessons with me.


Whether you are a beginner or a college graduate, a young singer or a mature one, in my studio you will find a positive environment and lots of expertise in which you will be equipped with practical knowledge that will address any aspect of singing.


I will help you master and sort out any issue related to:

 - breath management, 

- phonation,

- articulation,

- registration,

- interpretation,

- sustained singing,

- confidence.

Whether you are here to prepare for an exam, an audition, sing for your pleasure or to brush up your technique and embark in a career in opera, you are in the right place!

A common comment that I get most frequently at the end of a lesson is: "that was fun!", 

but I will let you read some feedback directly from my students:


"Yuri was recommended to me by another singing teacher and has been teaching me the art of classical singing for more than two months and he is a fantastic instructor! Even over online lessons he is able to effectively pick up on my mistakes and provide easy to follow techniques to fix them. In a very short amount of time I've noticed a huge difference in my vocal abilities and it is thanks to Yuri's expert ear and wondrous teaching style. I highly recommend him!"

"Every lesson that I've had has been enjoyable and I have learnt something new and improved with each lesson! Everyone tells me that my voice has improved a lot and there's a warmth that wasn't there before. Also, I can sing longer without getting tired and my high notes are not a problem anymore."

"There is no word to describe his professionalism, his passion his knowledge for teaching. Yuri is a guru for vocal teaching. I started with nothing, apart from my voice and I am surprised how much I achieved. Yuri gives you the confidence to become whom you want regarding music. Highly recommended!

"Great teacher. Superb ear and able to mimic my incorrect way of voice production. This helps me to understand and learn how to produce a good sound. I definitely had improved and would highly recommend him as a singing teacher. Can't wait for my next lesson."

"Wanted to thank you for another wonderful class and for being such an inspiring and amazing teacher!"


"Yuri is a fantastic vocal coach. He has helped me enormously change my way of thinking about classical music in particular, but discussions with him have also enhanced my ability to interpret other styles. He has an incredibly generous spirit about him and can demonstrate vocal ability technically flawlessly at the extreme end of the tenor's range. A really nice person, great performer and excellent vocal coach."

"Yuri is a fantastic singing teacher. He is encouraging and engaged and adapts his methods well to the learning styles of his pupils. He fosters a relaxed atmosphere while still concentrating on important technical skills and training...
He concentrates not only on singing skill but how you appear on stage as well...  am sure I'll continue to improve under his guidance."

"Yuri is a really knowledgeable and engaging vocal coach. He explains and demonstrates how subtle physical and technical adjustments can make a big difference to the quality of the singing voice. Yuri helps the singer to visualise the changes needed to improve. His enthusiastic teaching style makes practicing fun for any level of singer.
I would highly recommend Yuri to all."

"Yuri has been one of those unexpected surprises, a happy blend of everything you could possibly ask for in any teacher. Immensely kind and patient, he listens attentively to your voice and persuasively enables you to bring forth the best vocal sound....It's very unusual to find someone who is not only gifted in their own craft but is also a wonderful teacher.The interesting thing about Yuri is that he never says what you are doing, vocally, is wrong, but how, with particular exercises,
you can attain the correct position to access the desired sound, which is both unique and, excitingly, your own!" 

"I just wanted to thank you for your tremendous knowledge and ability to bring the best out of a young singer like me.
Your insights and experience keep me always surprised and delighted. I found your teaching method pleasant, accurate and I would recommend your services to anyone that is serious in learning the beautiful art of singing."

"Yuri is an extraodinary singer and performer, no wonder he is such an effective singing teacher and vocal coach. He is very passionate and cares about his students so naturally they get excellent results. He is knowledgeable in the science and art of singing. I tried many teachers but I noticed my singing was the most effortless with Yuri, that's why I picked him. Thank you Yuri."

"I have been learning from numerous vocal teachers: they all sang great... however... explanation and their perceptions of singing were not enough to help me singing in the correct way. Yuri is a good teacher who can guide you to find your own path to sing well... He listens to your voice and guide you to correct your bad habits and to progress... Thank you, your advice and guidance work well on me!"

A 1 hr lesson with me is 40 pounds.
I hope I gave you all the info you need to decide if you want to work with me, but if you have additional questions, please feel free to send me an email!
Have a great day!